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Constructive Rest On Airplanes  (iPhone&iPad)

Constructive Rest On Airplanes
  • 版本:1.2
  • 类别:旅行
  • 大小:12.4MB
  • 时间:2014-03-21
  • 语言:英文
  • 系统要求: 与 iPhone 3GS、iPhone 4、iPhone 4S、iPhone 5、iPod touch(第3代)、iPod touch (第 4 代)、iPod touch (第 5 代) 和 iPad 兼容。 需要 iOS 5.0 或更高版本 此 App 已针对 iPhone 5 进行优化。



官方资费:18 元




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Constructive Rest On Airplanes内容摘要
Constructive Rest On Airplanes:Limited Time Only - New Release price $0.99 USD - De-stress and Arrive Fresh? From Your Next Flight! Constructive Rest On Airplanes offers a practical, effective strategy for achieving deep rest and relaxation in an airplane seat on long flights, naturally!With this audio guide you will learn how to ease mental stress and release physical tension, calming your mind and body into a state of leisure and relaxation, all within the confines of an airplane seat. It works equally well for bus and train travel, too!Constructive Rest On Airplanes works by:? Cultivating a wholesome embodied awareness.?? Inviting muscular freedom throughout your body, beginning with the muscles of your neck.?? Restoring coordination to your breathing by allowing easy, complete exhalations.?? Being aware of subtle body position changes perceived by your joint sense: kinesthesia.?? Enjoying the process of resting while letting go of cares and concerns.??Constructive Rest On Airplanes is deeply influenced by principles of The Alexander Technique and Body Mapping.The Constructive Rest On Airplanes?app?allows you to customize the play length so you can listen to the audio guide for as long as you desire.Choose between two fade schemes. The “Fade from Start”?option gradually reduces the volume by 50% over the duration of time you’ve chosen to listen. If you choose the “2-Minute Fade” the volume of only the last two minutes of your desired play time will reduce by 50%. You’ll most likely not perceive this volume reduction. The fade schemes are designed to keep pace with the gradual relaxation you will experience as you settle into calm rest.Why wait?! Download the app now and experience Constructive Rest On Airplanes on your next flight, bus, or train trip!NOTE: Constructive Rest On Airplanes is for passenger use ONLY. Do not listen while piloting an airplane or operating any vehicle or machinery.Amazing!“I listened to the recording at the beginning of first flight. Have to say I have never been that relaxed or at ease. I could barely open my eyes. Hoping that I can have a similar time on the 4hr one. You are a miracle worker! I also must say I almost thought there was some celestial being whispering in my ear . . . the hum of engines with your track on top of it transported me somewhere amazing!”? Cara D., Oregon USAImproved My Trip!“I recently flew to Japan and the 14-hour flight usually leaves me sore and exhausted. On this past trip, I listened to Constructive Rest On Airplanes and it greatly improved my trip! It helped me relax and feel comfortable in my seat, which is quite a feat for an economy seat on a 14-hour plane ride. All of the Constructive Rest guides are wonderful ways to relax and improve your Use and now there’s a version you can use on airplanes! It’s wonderful!”?Karen W., JapanWelcome Travel Companion!“I recently flew to Germany for a summer vacation, and had already spent about 8 hours in airports and walking around before I sat down in the 8-hr flight across the ocean. Needless to say, I started the flight even sore-er and more uncomfortable than usual. Listening to Constructive Rest On Airplanes, I was able to check my posture and had reminders to sit in ways that were much more comfortable and painless for my body. The entire audio, beyond reminding me to sit in a way that respects my body better, was very relaxing to focus on after the day’s stress of traveling. This audio is a very useful and welcome travel companion.”? Danielle F., Colorado USARefined optimization for iPad. Revised help page.

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